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How ATS Integrations Eliminate Barriers to Recruitment Success

Every hiring manager is responsible for attracting, hiring, and retaining talent, all of which are much easier with an applicant tracking system (ATS). Recruiters immediately see the impact and benefits of high-quality, cloud-based ATS integration. Ultimately, any technology that makes hiring processes more efficient and accurate holds tremendous appeal for HR personnel.

ATS integrations instantaneously send digital information into the system, saving staffers from manual import-export tasks and the possible mistakes that accompany them. This enables any recruiter to get a real-time picture of where each applicant is in the hiring process without switching databases or combining disparate information into a new document.

Another advantage of ATS integration software is that it provides access to clean data that can be easily evaluated. The better the ATS data, the easier it is for recruitment teams to make sure they’re compliant with equal employment opportunity (EEO), affirmative action (AA), and related guidelines. Additionally, they can feel confident knowing that they’re seeing an accurate representation of the applicant’s experience.

Finally, ATS integrations make online hiring much simpler and smoother. Transitioning to a 100% (or nearly so) virtual recruitment model can be overwhelming. The right ATS integration software makes the journey from in-person to online sourcing, testing, interviewing, and onboarding more intuitive and seamless.

A Look at ATS Integration-Augmented HR Hiring Software Benefits in Action

To understand just how meaningful the aforementioned benefits can be, consider the case of Olsson Associates, a company with a mission to incorporate more modern tech into its processes. Tech upgrades are on the rise, with more than a quarter of HR leaders expecting to budget for a revitalized tech stack soon. However, tech alone only solves problems when it’s the correct tech for a given situation.

For Olsson, that meant switching its legacy hiring processes and data to a leading-edge ATS. It chose SmartRecruiters, a product Olsson felt would allow it to more conveniently, accurately, and consistently identify applicants most likely to stay with the company. At the same time, Olsson checked before committing to this final ATS choice that it would work with the ATS integrations the company needed. This diligence paid off in the form of stronger hires, healthier (and faster) hiring protocols, and an improved recruitment journey for applicants.

How TestGenius Applicant Tracking System Integration Adds Value

As a superior ATS integration product, TestGenius can further enhance any hiring system — including a platform like SmartRecruiters — by making applicant testing more supportive, positive, and rewarding. What makes our solution a natural fit for organizations trying to maximize the potential of their ATS?

1. TestGenius offers back-end support.

Recruiters don’t have the time (or sometimes the knowledge) to serve as tech support. Yet when an applicant experiences testing or scheduling problems, the applicant deserves a quick and knowledgeable response. At TestGenius, we unburden our clients by assisting testing applicants via chat, email, or phone. This allows recruiters to manage expectations and focus on other tasks.

2. TestGenius releases testing results immediately.

Why should a hiring manager have to wait to see which applicants passed a test? TestGenius sends immediate results into the ATS. The robust software also allows hirers to make adjustments (e.g., changing pass-fail baselines) to correct for unintentional bias or other considerations.

3. TestGenius is 100% browser-based.

Applicants aren’t always comfortable downloading mobile apps or installing foreign software on their devices. Our testing software removes this barrier because it’s based in the cloud while offering seamless ATS integrations. As a bonus, testing data can be backed up and recovered in the cloud, taking yet another responsibility off the plate of the recruiter’s IT department.

4. TestGenius allows for individualized testing setups.

Pre-assessment tests can run the gamut depending on a company’s needs and the position to be filled. TestGenius can be programmed to offer customized test batteries that can then be assigned individually or en masse. TestGenius is also able to handle invitation management.

Applicant Tracking Systems, Recruiters, and HR: A Perfect Fit

Recruitment professionals are under more demands than ever to work smarter, find talented candidates, and bring aboard people ready (and able) to contribute. Having online testing software buoyed by an ATS integration helps them make certain that they’re making the most of every action—and amassing a wealth of digital breadcrumbs to analyze and replicate successful recruiting processes.

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