Test. Train. Retain.

Employment tests for specific skills or jobs. The standardized suite of tests with customizations readily available. Developed by our team of test creation and test validation experts with decades of experience in developing fair and compliant assessments for hiring.

The office and computer skills testing module of the TestGenius platform. This module includes several Microsoft Office® assessments (e.g., Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook) as well as assessments for typing speed/accuracy and many other important modern office skills.

The dispatcher and tele-communicator testing module of the TestGenius platform will determine whether applicants have the skills necessary for success in this complex, multi-tasking environment. CritiCall is used by over 1,800 organizations.

C4 is CritiCall for Contact Centers and is the commercial contact center testing module of the TestGenius platform. C4 acts like a realistic job preview to simulate the tasks needed for success in the modern contact center environment.

Get a clear understanding of who has the Dependability, Trainability, and People Skills needed to handle your fast-paced Retail environment.

The complexities of test validation and development of a defensible validation report have been distilled into an easy-to-use Wizard in TestGenius.