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Test, Train, and Retain with TestGenius

The online pre-employment testing suite that’s so smart, it’s GENIUS!

Why is TestGenius the smart choice for pre-employment testing?

Test for important skills like Microsoft Office® proficiency.

TestGenius allows employers to cast a broad net, delivering tests directly to applicants through a web browser, to anyone, anywhere in the world.

Installed-software quality tests available online.

High-fidelity computer-based work-sample tests.

TestGenius® offers the best security.

Optionally use local, confirmatory testing to ensure that your applicants took their own tests remotely.

Maximize test defensibility and minimize legal exposure.

TestGenius tests are the most-valid because they are locally-validated for your positions in your own work environment.

TestGenius is easy to scale and deploy.

TestGenius Testing Options

TestGenius includes a library of tests available for literally thousands of job titles. Any number of tests may be grouped together into a test session or bundle and administered sequentially to job applicants. All TestGenius tests are self-administering and self-scoring, which means that the results are available as soon as the testing is complete.

TestGenius includes assessments for Office and Computer Skills Testing (OPAC®), 911/EMD Dispatcher Skills Testing (CritiCall®), and Commercial Contact Center Skills Testing.

TestGenius provides Convenience and Flexibility PLUS Quality and Security. Organizations no longer have to choose which combo they value more.

Functional Outline of TestGenius

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