Human Resource Industry Partners

Strategic Partners Of Biddle Consulting Group

Biddle Consulting Group is the leading EEO consulting firm in the United States. While BCG offers an array of EEO and pre-employment testing products and services, human resource professionals often require assistance that is outside of our scope of practice. BCG has developed partnerships with other organizations in the HR world in order to provide clients with a full spectrum of options.

products for recruiting, selection & applicant tracking

NEOGOV products automate the entire hiring and performance evaluation process, including position requisition approval, automatic minimum qualification screening, test statistics and analysis, and EEO reporting. BCG has partnered with NEOGOV in offering TestGenius as part of the HR suite of products for the public sector.

Predict Job Fit & Performance

The Logi-Serve suite offers a range of assessments tailored to predict and develop skills in customer service, sales, and functional leadership roles. Logi-Serve's validated science and technology allow businesses to accurately predict and develop employee job fit, improve performance, reduce costs, and drive measurable improvements.

Language Assessment Accelerated

Emmersion has developed the TrueNorth Speaking Test, an AI-driven, fully-automated language assessment system that provides accurate and immediate reports in a variety of languages. Hire and retain the best talent, reduce high turnover, improve CSAT scores, and streamline applicant language screening.

Integration Solution

Hirelink provides an integration solution that allows you to integrate TestGenius with any web-based software solution on the market.

Best Practices, Advanced Psychometrics, And Secure Software

ASC specializes in working with organizations seeking to develop and deliver assessments aligned with best practices and modern psychometric theory.

Test Development And Validation For Assessements Used For Selecting Firefighters And Police Officers

FPSI has 20+ years of experience in the fire and police recruiting industry, specializing in the development and validation of tests used for selecting firefighters and police officers. FPSI is a sister company of Biddle Consulting Group.

Recruiting Software Designed For Hiring Success

SmartRecruiters is a next-generation hiring platform used by 4,000 companies, including LinkedIn, Bosch, Visa, and Skechers. Our ecosystem of third-party applications and services helps recruiters break free from clunky user experiences and removes barriers to hiring success. The platform empowers talent acquisition teams across the entire hiring journey, from attraction to selection to hiring.