Test, Train, and Retain with TestGenius

The Online Pre-Employment Testing Suite That’s So Smart, It’s GENIUS!

Why is TestGenius the smart choice for pre-employment testing?

  • Test for important skills like Microsoft Office® proficiency.
  • TestGenius allows employers to cast a broad net, delivering tests directly to applicants through a web browser, to anyone, anywhere in the world.
  • Installed-software quality tests available online.
  • High-fidelity computer-based work-sample tests.
  • TestGenius® offers the best security.
  • Optionally use local, confirmatory testing to ensure that your applicants took their own tests remotely.
  • Maximize test defensibility and minimize legal exposure.
  • TestGenius tests are the most-valid because they are locally-validated for your positions in your own work environment.
  • TestGenius is easy to scale and deploy.

TestGenius Testing Options

TestGenius includes a library of tests available for literally thousands of job titles. Any number of tests may be grouped together into a test session or bundle and administered sequentially to job applicants. All TestGenius tests are self-administering and self-scoring, which means that the results are available as soon as the testing is complete.

TestGenius includes assessments for Office and Computer Skills Testing (OPAC®), 911/EMD Dispatcher Skills Testing (CritiCall®), and Commercial Contact Center Skills Testing.

TestGenius provides Convenience and Flexibility PLUS Quality and Security. Organizations no longer have to choose which combo they value more.

Functional Outline Of TestGenius