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Logi-Serve and TestGenius Integration Empowers Businesses with a Comprehensive Employee Assessment Solution

Logi-Serve, LLC and Biddle Consulting Group (BCG), Inc. are thrilled to announce their partnership, integrating their cutting-edge assessment platforms to provide businesses with an unparalleled employee assessment solution. This collaboration seamlessly combines Logi-Serve’s competency-based behavioral assessments with BCG’s TestGenius skills assessment platform, offering organizations of any size a comprehensive, best-in-class employee assessment system.

The Logi-Serve suite offers a range of assessments tailored to predict and develop skills in customer service, sales, and functional leadership roles. By leveraging Logi-Serve’s validated science and technology, businesses can accurately predict and develop employee job fit, improve performance, reduce costs, and drive measurable improvements. The integration of Logi-Serve’s competency-based assessments with TestGenius’s comprehensive skills assessment creates an unrivaled offering that is currently unavailable in the market.

“We have been actively searching for a scientifically validated soft-skills assessment solution that aligns with our hard-skills-based testing program. By adding soft skills testing to our library, our clients are able to measure more aspects of job performance, and be even more successful in selecting the best candidates,” says Mike Callen, VP of Products for TestGenius.

With this integration, Logi-Serve and TestGenius aim to provide businesses with an easy-to-use, engaging, and cost-effective employee assessment system. By maximizing test accuracy and defensibility, minimizing legal exposure, and enhancing job fit, organizations can reduce costs and improve employee performance.

“By introducing our on-demand assessments within the secure TestGenius platform, we are offering end-users an accessible, turnkey, and affordable employee assessment solution that efficiently manages the entire employee lifecycle,” says Eric Krohner, Logi-Serve CEO. “This integration empowers businesses to quickly and effectively solve their talent acquisition and talent management needs under a single, global contract.”

The Logi-Serve and TestGenius integration program enables customers to access a range of high-quality talent acquisition and talent management tools tailored to their specific business needs. Through a unified framework, businesses gain access to all relevant TestGenius and partner technologies.