An In-Depth Look at TestGenius

    TestGenius Testing Software Functional Features Outline

    TestGenius is a cloud-based software program designed to meet the rigorous demands of the modern recruiter. Below you will find an exhaustive outline of the functions that the software offers.

    Forms of Test Administration

    1. Unproctored Email Invite – Remote, unproctored testing
    2. Proctored Email Invite – Email invite for in-house, proctored testing
    3. Remote Proctoring with Record and Review
    4. Remote Proctoring with live proctors

    Email Invitations

    1. Customize the email to be sent
    2. Manual Entry or Import of applicant list
    3. View Status of Sent Emails
    4. Test Link Status / Deactivation

    TestWriter Item Bank

    1. Item Types
      1. Agreement
      2. Instructions
      3. Multiple Choice
      4. True/False
      5. Fill in the blank
      6. Likert
      7. Drag and Drop
      8. Essay
    2. Item Names
    3. Item Description
    4. Meta data
      1. KSA
      2. Source
      3. Keyword
      4. Content Area
      5. Custom Domains
      6. Item Notes
    5. WYSIWYG toolbar
    6. Media (Stored in Media Library for sharing)
      1. images
      2. videos
      3. sounds
      4. reference file (PDF, image)
    7. Image pane
    8. Item weighting (polytomous, decimal, positive or negative)
    9. Item Category, plus ten layers of sub-categories
    10. Copying items, importing items, exporting items
    11. Advanced search function (searches any / all meta-data)
    12. Standard search function (item name and content)

    TestWriter Form Builder

    1. Test form name
    2. Test form description
    3. Test form keywords
    4. Unique internal test ID (for troubleshooting)
    5. Allow notes/scratch paper (and save)
    6. Allow calculator
    7. Start time on agreement item / first scored item
    8. Require test sections to be completed in sequence
    9. Pause push of scores to integration (NEOGOV) or TestGenius for score review or rescoring.
    10. Custom exit message.
    11. Overall time limit.
    12. Test sections
      1. Name
      2. Description
      3. Randomize alternatives within section
      4. Randomize item order within section
      5. ection time limits
    13. Add items to test section from preview
    14. Drag and drop items to create forms or sections
    15. Drag to order / reorder / change sections within form
    16. Rolling total of scored items / total test points
    17. Custom score report builder

    Custom Keyboarding Testing

    • Custom keyboarding speed and accuracy test created from any content.

    Custom Proofreading Testing

    • Proofreading for errors of any type from custom content.
      1. Custom Error Categories
      2. Multiple Correct Responses

    Essay Test Management

    • Rubric creation
    • Online essay scoring management (email invitation management)
    • Anonymizing Essays function
    • Redacting Essays function

    Data and Item Analysis

    1. Raw Response Exports
      1. Responses
      2. Time used per item, section, overall
    2. Classical Item Analysis
      1. Test statistics
        • number of items
        • alpha
        • total raw score
        • mean raw score
        • mean percentage score
        • standard deviation
      2. Item statistics
        • difficulty
        • discrimination
        • distractor analysis
      3. Item analysis summary
        • number completed
        • difficulty
        • discrimination


    • Rescoring Test
    • Review Score and Submit (for delayed scoring function)
    • View Test Report (from template, option to email to candidate)
    • View Scratch Paper notes

    TestWriter User Account Management

    • User Specific Roles (access to: item bank, test form builder, essay management, score reporting, data and item analysis, user accounts, custom keyboarding, custom proofreading)
    • User Specific Access (access to content: Allows specific access to certain test content or test forms)

    Test Battery Setup

    1. Creation of test batteries
    2. Creation of test windows (date ranges to be applied to batteries)
    3. View test batteries, Edit (if invites not yet sent), and Deactivate test batteries
    4. Set time limits for specific tests within a battery
    5. Set cutoff scores for specific tests within a battery

    Reporting of Scores

    1. Search for test batteries
    2. Filter by test windows
    3. Filter by date invited
    4. Filter by disposition (All, Pass, Fail)
    5. Filter by status (Complete, Incomplete)
    6. Search by test taker name
    7. Tabular results with sortable columns
    8. Pass / Fail disposition
    9. Summary Score report (battery, individual)
    10. Detailed Score report (battery, individual)
    11. Pass / Fail report (battery, individual)
    12. Graphical Score report (battery, aggregate)
    13. Export to Excel (battery, aggregate)
    14. Pass / Fail Report (battery, aggregate)
    15. Detail Score Report (single test, individual)
    16. Reporting of date sent / date completed


    1. Creation of Sub Users for each account
    2. Integration with NEOGOV, SmartRecruiters, and Oracle / Taleo available
    3. Remote Proctoring Integration
      1. Record and Review option
      2. Live Proctoring option
    4. Organization logo branding: Admin program, Reports

    TestGenius Services

    1. TestWriter Item banking program
    2. OPAC
      1. Keyboarding / Data Entry
      2. Clerical Skills
      3. Financial Recordkeeping
      4. Legal / Medical
      5. Examin – government-related knowledge tests
      6. MS Office testing
      7. Contact Center Testing
      8. ENCOUNTER – Soft Skills Testing
      9. dotin - Learning styles survey
      10. TrueNorth - Foreign language testing
      11. HireLink - Soft integration to any applicant tracking system (ATS)
      12. Integration to Verified First background checks

    Microsoft Office Training Program

    • MS Word Training
    • MS Excel Training
    • MS Outlook Training
    • MS PowerPoint Training
    • MS Access Training