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Introducing TestGenius

The online pre-employment testing suite that’s so smart, it’s GENIUS!

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Validate. Test. Confirm.

Three easy steps that provide a world of value to employers.

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Validate. Test. Confirm.

What About Validation?

Find out what validation is and how TestGenius makes it easy for you to create a validation report.

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What is validation?

Who is Biddle Consulting Group?

Meet the developers of TestGenius - a firm with decades of experience dedicated to providing the highest quality of EEO products & services.

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Biddle Consulting Group

Welcome to!

The Genius team at Biddle Consulting Group worked for years with the smartest partners in the business to create what many consider to be the best pre-employment testing system available for HR today.

I work for the second largest utility in Arizona. We are switching from the traditional typing and shorthand tests to OPAC as our managers feel that knowledge of word processing and language skills are more important than typing speed alone. We think OPAC will do a good job of assessing the knowledge, skills and abilities required of admins at Salt River Project.

Vicki Packman, Senior Analyst – Salt River Project

The OPAC computer proficiency testing software has allowed us to gauge the relative competency of candidates in the use of Microsoft Office programs like Word and Excel. The software enables us to do this with batches of candidates at a time and allows easy reporting of each or all candidates’ results. This is something that is not otherwise practical to do easily or efficiently in our experience.

HR Department Staff Member, City of Berkeley