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Validation provides an unprecedented degree of protection for the employer. Not only in terms of legal defensibility, but also in terms of test utility. A test whose content has been linked to critical tasks necessary for success on the job is one that will ensure that your candidates have the requisite skills and can perform the necessary job functions. The validation process has been distilled into a simple wizard in which a reasonable sample of incumbent employees takes the tests as subject-matter-experts. They are then asked survey questions that result in a validation report and defensible, job-related cutoff scores.

Testing is critical in this modern office environment.  New hires are not only expected to hit the ground, running, but also to do so possessing a mastery of required skills and abilities.  TestGenius tests not only target core performance dimensions, they do so using “work sample” tests that allow those applicants who possess the requisite skills and abilities the opportunity to show their skills and abilities in a job-related manner.  Work sample tests give applicants a chance to not only show what they know, but to show that they know how to apply skills and abilities to the work environment.

Confirmation is a very important aspect of the testing process.  When applicants are given the opportunity to test from home, it is done using the “honor system” and much trust is extended.  Applicants should know that the employer reserves the right to “re-test” any candidate, prior to hire, to confirm the identity of the individual who took the original test.  TestGenius includes software that can be installed locally and will provide alternate, but parallel, versions of the original tests for the purpose of confirming skills and abilities prior to hire.  Strategies regarding confirmatory testing vary, but some popular options are to apply confirmatory testing to all candidates, a random sample of candidates, only candidates about whom there may be concern, or none at all—but only threatening to do so. 

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